a haven surrounded by shades of blue & green

F ZEEN KEFALONIA is an adults-only wellness retreat nestled on the pristine shores of Kefalonia island in the Ionian Sea. Embracing the slow life, this family-run boutique hotel is a sanctuary of tranquility designed to deliver a meaningful experience.
f zeen philosophy


The "Good Life" Starts Here

F Zeen is a mindset and a lifestyle ideal.

It is the art of living well and stems from earliest Greek philosophy reminding us to be at peace with ourselves and the world surrounding us and to appreciate the simpler things in life.

Spa Treatment


Reconnect, Recharge, Rejuvenate

Reinstate your inner balance. Rekindle the alignment of mind & body. Reinvent yourself by taking the time to be still and listen to your soul. Here is where your personal journey for holistic wellness begins.


Characterised by sophisticated simplicity.

Our spaces represent the mindful integration of luxury with simplicity. Featuring island-chic stylistics that exude α casual ambiance throughout, our luxury amenities ensure your comfort.

3 Bedroom Villa Private Pool

A hidden gem, tucked away in a secluded position, on the hill-side above the centre of the bay, a short walk to Lourdas beach.


Suite 100

This impressive 54 sq m suite provides the perfect setting for a truly memorable holiday.


Suite 103

Suite 103 is a spacious 43 sq m room with stunning views over the Ionian Sea.


Superior Raw Retreat Swimming Pool

With spacious 30 sq m patios leading towards your private pool with sunloungers, the 30 sq. m rooms are something truly unique and indulgent.


Superior Raw Mezzanine

Suite 113 is a 44 sq m mezzanine style, uniquely designed to bring elements of luxury and nature together.


Forest Retreat With Jacuzzi

The Forest Retreat backs onto our forest giving you the chance to fully embrace the surrounding nature.


Terraced Penthouse

Specifically designed for space and comfort, the Terrace Penthouse, offers the privacy of a generous roof top terrace overlooking the Ionian Sea.


Superior Raw Retreat

Highlighting an elegant and naturally designed space with private balconies overlooking the Ionian Sea, these spacious rooms are an oasis of comfort and luxury.


Luxury Retreat

Unique works of art, the Luxury Retreats provide all the necessary comfort and luxury in a spacious area of 38 sq. meters.


Superior Retreat

The Superior Retreats combine the simple beauty of Kefallonian landscaping with elegant materials.


Superior Raw Retreat (Side Sea View)

Retaining the character of a new-built area of F Zeen, and with furnished balconies, these rooms are tastefully finished with natural materials.


Classic Retreat

These elegantly designed 20 sq. meter Classic Retreat rooms are a stone throw away from the beach.


Classic Garden Retreat

These rooms feature their own private terrace that leads out onto our well-kept garden.

Villa Pool
Suite 100
Suite 103
Superior Raw Retreat with Pool
Suite 113 Interior
Forest Retreat Interior
Terraced Penthouse Balcony View
Superior Raw Retreat Exterior
Luxury Retreat
Superior Retreat
Superior Raw Retreat Side Sea View
Classic Garden Retreat Indoor Area
Classic Garden Retreat Exterior
Homemade Bread
Chefs Garden Tomatoes


Inspiration Derived From Greek Tradition

Our dining concept focuses on a balanced and healthy diet based on Hippocrates’ teachings, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

As a homage to the Mediterranean diet, expect a multi-sensory farm-to-table experience and discover the nourishing side of indulgence.

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Elevate your spirit through fulfillment

Spend intentional time on experiences that make your spirit soar. Feeding the soul is just as important as nourishing the body. That is why we make sure that you have a plethora of stimulating experiences to keep you positively engaged in the moment.

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