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Boutique Shop Brands

Boutique Shop Brands

Made in Greece

Enjoy brands created by Greeks and made in Greece. Many have become internationally recognized but still keep the same Greek routes that they were founded upon. We have clothing, swimwear and sandals for both men and women. Here are some of the designers that we are proud to showcase in our boutique:

Ancient Kallos

Created in 2014 by two Greek sisters. Inspired by ancient Greek fashion and designs from the culture, architecture, symbols and their history. Using natural fabrics, mainly cotton, lace and silk. The collection is made up of dresses both day and evening, embroidered kaftans as well as pleated skirts with tops.

Point Loom

A Greek company that works with the finest silk, cotton and wool fabrics using the traditional Pedal Looms to create unique and individually hand-made masterpieces. The collection has a line for women and for men, including resort wear and timeless dresses.

Ancient Greek Sandals

These sandals are handmade locally by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries. A raw yet feminine aesthetic distinguishes this new sandal brand. The chemical free, natural tan leathers ages beautifully with time and wear. Combining the history of Ancient Greece, Greek Gods, myths, pottery, jewelry and sculpture with quality materials.

Sophie Deloudi

A timeless and elegant swimwear designer, her collections reflect all her values and principles on design and fashion: high quality, perfect lining, impeccable fitting, flawless finishing, clean shapes and femininity. Exceptionally elegant but also easy to wear, combining classic design heritage of the past with a modern minimalist feel.

Stefania Frangista

Another beautiful swimwear brand designed and made in Greece. The collections are very broad and have something to suit all tastes and bodies. Using soft, high-quality fabrics to resulting in items that can be worn time and time again. Flattering cuts and a wide array of prints and fabrics has led to dynamic and diverse collections offering elegance and comfort.

Wéngko Molé

Wéngko Molé [pronounced w’engkō mōl’e] describes the action of wrapping the sarong around the body as a means of protection, when the day fades into evening.

Wéngko Molé is a concept based resort-wear brand represented in London and Athens. Inspired by the meaning of the sarong in Eastern cultures and lifestyle, the brand aims to bring its qualities to a Western audience. Their pieces have evolved through the exploration of garments in various East Asian countries.

Digitally printed, the garments are crafted in the finest silks and silk mixes, and finished by hand in Greece such that shape and colour work together to emanate both elegance and comfort. Vibrant bold prints take the wearer to the furthest escapes, offering a truly sensational summer experience. We especially love this brand because of the unique interaction between Greece and Eastern fashion.

Stelios Koudounaris

His work features wild elegance, sensitivity and conceptual patterns. His designs seek to highlight the female figure by paying attention to every design detail and using high quality materials. All his collections are defined by the use of couture techniques to pret-a-porter creations. Stelios experiments with each of his collections and aims to make the wearer feel and look their best while wearing his clothes. His brand has become internationally recognized and has established his unique feminine style in his collections since 2008.


This is our only Italian brand in the boutique, simply because of the quality linen clothing that it produces. Tailored linen shirts for men and women as well as shorts, scarves and trousers. All fabrics are completely natural, with the main fabric that they work with being linen. This brand is for the effortless holiday look, allowing the skin to breath and offering complete comfort by giving the body space to move.

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