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Lessons from a snowflake
Days grow shorter and the night grows longer. The Winter Solstice marks the beginning of a new spiritual season. It is all about moving deeper within yourself to find your own light. This is what winter requests as part of the balance of nature; the cycles and rhythms of personal growth and change. Enjoy this
Embrace The Change
Autumn is the season of transition and reflection. Warm summer days give its place to falland nature seems rich in colourful tones, encouraging us to reflect upon the changes within our lives and witnessing the beauty of surrendering to them. It is time to allow ourselves to fully receive the abundance that nature provides and
With an Olive Tree, a Vineyard and a Boat, You Can Rebuild Greece
– Odysseas Elytis The olive tree is the landmark of Greeceand one of the oldest known cultivated trees by mankind.  Along with the vineyards which dot the landscape throughout the country. Olive trees have been planted in and around vineyards for thousands of years. Climate is one reason that grapes and olives make good companion
Embracing the art of slow living.
The simple things are also the most extraordinary things and only the wise can see them. -Paulo Coelho Slow living is all about taking things slow and enjoying life’s simple pleasures, to live a happier life. It is a lifestyle ideal centred around appreciating the actual moment because only this moment actually exists. It is
Dreams are as simple or as complicated as the dreamer. -Brian Herbert
Why your dreams are important? Do dreams have a meaning? What causes dreaming? And finally, is it possible to improve your life by improving your dreams? Above are questions that definitely make us wonder from time to time. No matter how mysterious, entertaining or scary our dreams can be are part of our existence and