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SELENE, TITAN GODDESS OF THE MOON Influenced by Ancient Greece that has invariably been connected with the mystical moon. From the ancient lunar calendar to incredible stories from Greek mythology, “Selene” has been the most celebrated “moon myth”. Selene after all, is one more Greek word for the moon. She was a Titan goddess, traversing
Mount Ainos: Wild Nature Overlooking The Sea
When going on vacation, we want to see all we can, especially when we are visiting a nature-rich place that’s asking to be explored. Deciding on a destination is not the challenge, but narrowing down an itinerary can be. Adding a healthy dose of nature is bound to enhance any holiday, and hiking is among
Veganism: A Planet-based future
November is World Vegan Month. It was established in 1994 by Louise Wallis, Chair of the Vegan Society to commemorate the forward movement of the ideology & the 50th anniversary of the world’s foremost society dedicated to a vegan lifestyle. More and more people are turning vegan as they are learning about the damage it
Sustainability: a Mindset, not a Trend
Sustainability is a word that we often hear and use, especially concerning the environment and its future. While the use of the word has increased in frequency, sustainability is considered more as a current consumer demand than a necessity. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an awareness towards maintaining a sustainable environment and has led to
5 reasons to experience ‘F Zeen’
F ZEEN (In ancient greek: Eυ Ζην), Ευ means good and ζην means life, so the good life. In a more comprehensive translation ‘F Zeen’ is the life which is characterised by quality, balance and fulfilment and here are 5 reasons why to experience the ‘F Zeen’ with us. Unique architecture with comfortable rooms, designed with