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Dark Chocolate Truffles
In love… With a partner, with a friend, with your family, with a dog, with a hobby, with a job, with nature…   Whoever and Whatever that is for you, we hope you have an amazing Valentine’s day and find an excuse to treat yourself and your love!   F Zeen love’s suggestion is a
Outdoor Cinema
Experience the effortless luxury of our outdoor cinema
Enjoy the beautiful setting of our outdoor cinema each night during your stay. Fitted with comfortable seating surrounded by soft sand to ensure an unforgettable experience under the stars. We use state-of-the-art wireless headphones, maintaining the peaceful environment of the retreat at night. There are limited spaces so be sure to reserve a place and
Boutique Shop Brands
Made in Greece Enjoy brands created by Greeks and made in Greece. Many have become internationally recognized but still keep the same Greek routes that they were founded upon. We have clothing, swimwear and sandals for both men and women. Here are some of the designers that we are proud to showcase in our boutique:
Introduction to Meditation
New to Meditation? F Zeen Retreat couldn’t offer a better environment to begin your meditation journey. The sound of the waves and the surrounding nature provide the background music to the meditation sessions. The peaceful and private decks, some of which are hidden within the trees, are the perfect location for going inwards and getting
Kefalonia Day Trip Ideas
Immerse yourself in the colours, landscapes, flavours and stories of Kefalonia Kefalonia is one of the most naturally beautiful Ionian islands. Famous for its untouched beauty and dramatic scenery. If you would like to explore the island during your stay at F Zeen we have put together a guide below with a few local tips