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A journey through the elements of nature
According to Greek philosopher Empedocles, matter consists of four elements namely: Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. The various forms of matter, life and the structures of the everyday world are all composed of these basic elements. The elements are as eternal as they are in constant equilibrium. F Zeen is rooted in Greek philosophy and
The F Zeen’s Guide to vacation planning
Green travel is not a passing trend but a lifestyle choice. More and more travelers are planning their holidays, inspired by an eco-friendly ethos adding activities to their adventure calendars motivated by their sustainable ethics. An environmentally friendly lifestyle is not something that we take a break from so is realistic to be taken into
Natural Dyeing: Shaping a colourful new world
Eco-printing is now coming back and seems like an antidote to the fast-moving world. As the health and environmental impacts of synthetic dyes become more widely reported, many artists, designers and textile producers are returning to age-old methods of colouring cloth.   Over centuries, people used to dye their textiles using natural, locally available materials. As
Lessons from a snowflake
Days grow shorter and the night grows longer. The Winter Solstice marks the beginning of a new spiritual season. It is all about moving deeper within yourself to find your own light. This is what winter requests as part of the balance of nature; the cycles and rhythms of personal growth and change. Enjoy this
Embrace The Change
Autumn is the season of transition and reflection. Warm summer days give its place to falland nature seems rich in colourful tones, encouraging us to reflect upon the changes within our lives and witnessing the beauty of surrendering to them. It is time to allow ourselves to fully receive the abundance that nature provides and