Assortment of fruits to be chutney used in jam and
Deliciously Organic

Deliciously Organic

At F Zeen we prioritise quality and authenticity which is what we embody in our hospitality and food. We are delighted to share with you the first photographic shots from ‘stage one’ of the F ZEEN preserve’s production.

As well as guests, we are also hosting a variety of trees and fruit in our retreat which we are personally taking care of, growing and harvesting them when the time comes. The hand-picked collection started a few days ago with our citrus beauties.

A kumquat tree in Fzeen garden in Kefalonia

Our 2021 Marmalade Collection comprises:

Bergamot Burst with the intense, aromatic, perfumed bergamots, from our only 2 trees.
Citrus Blend is a mildly bitter combination of the following fruits: frapa, orange, mandarine, bergamot and lemon. Taste will vary according to the
selection of that particular batch, which depends on ripeness at harvest.
Kumquat Kick is delicately bitter, harvested from our 6 ornamental trees and balanced with mandarine and lemon.

The story of the F ZEEN marmalade

Organically grown, sun-ripened citrus fruits are handpicked, washed and pitted, then soaked to infuse, extracting pectin and essential oils from the rinds to create our very own citrus gold. The long but rewarding process ensures a high-quality product made with 100% natural fruit.

Lemons kumquat orange mandarine for jam

After preparation, marmalade boils away to the ‘surround sounds’ of spring: the bells of Sisia Monastery reminding us of Easter, waves rolling on the shore, lambs and kid goats bleating in the distance, with the odd call of a Tom Cat serenading his feline companions. No mandolins required here, Captain Corelli!

Despite scrutiny during the time-consuming pitting process, there remain a number of pips, some of which will drift to the surface during boiling and others that will sneak into the syrupy gel only to be seen, once bottled, as small, brown teardrops, floating in the jewel-like substance. We now look upon these once annoying, evasive seeds with respect for they are a reminder that some things considered negligeable, are still important in contributing to the bigger picture. They represent new life, new energy, a testament to nature and the promise of another summer with its vibrancy, heat, haze, colours, tastes and sounds at F Zeen, their birthplace, which we look forward to sharing with you.

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