Bundle Dyeing
Introduction to Natural & Bundle Dyeing

Workshop: Introduction to Natural & Bundle Dyeing

by Christiana Vardakou

Bundle dyeing, also known as eco-printing, is a contemporary technique
which started off in Australia by India Flint.

This process uses botanical dyes from fresh flowers, leaves
& other plant material to create herbal-infused prints.

The print forms when the plant transfers its colour onto the fabric.
In this workshop we will talk a bit about natural dyes, about the fabric choices,
about how mordants work as well as eco-printing and the different ways of folding and rolling.  

Natural dyeing is a constant exploration and pleasant surprise.

In the workshop we will use plants, flowers & herbs from our F Zeen Gardens
and with these we will make different colours. 

Date: 10-11 October 2023
Cost: 290€ per person

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