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Nous proposons, tout au long de la saison, une grande variété de retraites santé. Nous offrons l’environnement idéal, propice à la relaxation et à la restauration du corps et de l’esprit. Pour plus d’informations ou pour organiser votre propre retraite, veuillez nous écrire à : [email protected]

The Good Life Ritual
July 1st
The Good Life is the mother of all philosophy at F Zeen. We are aiming to continuously develop our understanding of health and wellbeing.July 1st is the last day of international wellness week which we will dedicate to VITALITY, SERENITY, IMMUNITY and the necessity of LIVING WELL IN HARMONY. Our guests being wellness seekers and
Self-Discovery Through The Elements Of Nature
Thursday October 6th – Monday October 10th
The retreat is inspired by the elements and aims to bring balance to your mind, body and soul.Over these five days we will work with the theme of elements combined with the serene environment of F Zeen.Take time to appreciate and connect with what nature can show us. Inspired by the elements: Earth, Water, Fire
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