The Good Life Ritual

The Good Life Ritual

The Good Life is the mother of all philosophy at F Zeen. We are aiming to continuously develop our understanding of health and wellbeing.
July 1st is the last day of international wellness week which we will dedicate to VITALITY, SERENITY, IMMUNITY and the necessity of LIVING WELL IN HARMONY.

Our guests being wellness seekers and active travelers are encouraged to team up with us at F Zeen retreat and set a specific goal: To bring more healthy activities into their lives whilst supporting one another to achieve this.
Running, walking, hiking, trekking for health and fun, leaving everything behind. Meditating, praying for the world we are connected to.

July 1st at F Zeen retreat, is not just a day of activities. It is a day of rituals dedicated to vibrant networking, aiming to motivate us to make a difference. We will share practices to elevate our guest’s experience with meaningful activities to enhance the idea of LIVING WELL TOGETHER.

Wise mentors say that even one day can change your whole life.
Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a fulfilling life. It is a dynamic process of change and growth. A good and satisfactory condition of existence. A state characterized by happiness, prosperity and welfare.

With depression being the most common body and mind condition of illness, we dedicate July 1st to our core value that even our name came from: The Good Life.

The Good Life Ritual will be a day dedicated to happy moments and moments of fulfillment. Good life is a chosen path that guides into approaching holism in balance.

Holism: A constant interaction between the several dimensions of everyday living. The aim is to try and be conscious of yourself as a whole for the entire day.

Balance: Acknowledging the constantly changing nature of life and look to balance it by giving significant attention to every action of your everyday life. Take care of your self while you are eating, showering, swimming, exercising, walking in the woods and simply breathing. Observe yourself. Lack of attention will affect your inner balance. Dedicate the day to paying attention and maintaining balance.

Wellness is the conscious development of the whole self. A process that will make us happier human beings. As there are many aspects to life, there are countless ways to cultivate yourself on an ever-changing path of wellness.

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