Kefalonia Beach


Hiking offers a multitude of health advantages, encompassing physical activity while on the trail and the emotional and mental wellbeing derived from connecting with nature. It is a fantastic activity which helps in building stronger muscles and bones, improving your sense of balance and your heart health. It’s the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in nature while staying physically active.


When exploring Kefalonia on foot, you have the chance to witness hidden gems of remarkable beauty. At F ZEEN KEFALONIA you can explore the region’s unique pathways, discover abandoned villages with breathtaking views over the sea and unfold the unexplored delights of the island with the guidance of our instructors.


Mount Aenos, standing tall at 1,628 meters, reigns as the highest peak among the Ionian Islands. It is crowned as the ultimate trail haven because it offers a diverse array of hiking routes, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of the mountain’s remarkable natural beauty. What makes this mountain truly exceptional is its unique inhabitants, including the Greek fir tree and the renowned black pine, both of which are rare species. Moreover, if you’re fortunate, you might even catch a glimpse of another elusive species, the wild horses of Aenos.


Fteri Beach is a place that has received recognition from The Guardian as one of Europe’s finest beaches. This exhilarating hike is unquestionably worth taking. While the hike may involve some challenges, the unspoiled and pristine beauty of Fteri Beach will more than compensate the effort. The combination of white cliffs, sandy shores and the crystal-clear waters will undoubtedly leave you mesmerised.


Sami is an absolute haven for hikers and walkers, providing an abundance of options for those eager to explore the region on foot. In the elevated terrain above the town, ongoing excavations continually unveil significant historical findings. Visitors can witness the remnants of an ancient castle known as Paliokastro, the ancient Acropolis of Kyatis and the monastery of St. Fanenton, situated in this vicinity.


The region surrounding Sami is yet another captivating area for hiking, offering a diverse landscape and a range of trails suited to different levels of difficulty. Among the most renowned routes is the hike from Antisamos Beach to Koutsoupia Beach. This particular trek does require a reasonable level of fitness, as the round trip to Koutsoupia Beach takes nearly 6 hours. Koutsoupia’s shoreline is adorned with lush greenery, providing a serene spot for shade and rejuvenation.


Lefka Beach has a breathtaking beauty. The trail is easy to locate and follow and the spectacular views along the trail heighten the anticipation, making you eager to enjoy a refreshing swim in the emerald blue water upon reaching your destination.

Whether you’re an avid hiker or just starting out, you can explore the stunning landscapes of Kefalonia, a Greek island known for its natural beauty and diverse hiking opportunities.