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International No Diet Day: Enjoy Yourself, Enjoy Your Food

International No Diet Day: Enjoy Yourself, Enjoy Your Food

No Diet Day, celebrated on May 6th every year, is a day where people are encouraged to embrace body positivity and reject diet culture. It’s a reminder that diets often fail to deliver long-term results and can even harm our physical and mental health.

At F ZEEN RETREAT, we embrace a similar philosophy. We believe in a holistic approach to wellness that prioritizes nourishing our bodies with wholesome, delicious food, regular exercise, and taking care of our mental and emotional wellbeing.

FZeen Menu - Greek Food

Rather than focusing on restrictive diets and counting calories, we enjoy food that fuels our bodies and brings us joy. Our menu features fresh, organic ingredients prepared with care to nourish our guests from the inside out.

In addition to delicious food, we offer a variety of wellness activities at our retreat, including yoga, meditation, and hiking in the beautiful Kefalonian countryside. These activities help our guests to connect with their bodies and minds, reduce stress, and promote overall wellbeing.

You can celebrate this day by enjoying dinner at Selini Restaurant. Try our Greek salad, made with ”meraki” (to do something with soul, creativity or love), using only the best organic vegetables from our chef’s garden. Black olive paste is mixed with caper soil, feta cream, and heritage tomatoes that reflect the Greek land and traditional cuisine. The dish is topped with a scoop of cucumber sorbet, adding a modern twist to this conventional plate.

Another recommendation is our must-try portokalopita—a traditional confluent dessert made from the finest oranges from our land.


View from the Restaurant

At F ZEEN RETREAT, we celebrate every day as a No Diet Day. We believe that nourishing our bodies and minds is the key to living a happy and healthy life. So let’s reject diet culture and embrace a more positive, holistic approach to wellness.

“Nothing can nourish the human body unless it participates in some sweetness.”

– Aristotle