Introduction to Meditation

Introduction to Meditation

New to Meditation?

F Zeen Retreat couldn’t offer a better environment to begin your meditation journey. The sound of the waves and the surrounding nature provide the background music to the meditation sessions. The peaceful and private decks, some of which are hidden within the trees, are the perfect location for going inwards and getting away from distractions.

Experienced in Meditation?

Join our meditation sessions for new insights into mediation. Guests are also free to use the decks when there are no lessons taking place giving you complete freedom to deepen your meditation practice.

What is Meditation?

Simply put, it’s a technique that allows us to take a break from our mind which tends to jump from thought to thought. The actual goal of meditation, reaching a point where the mind is still, can take a lot of time and practice to master.

How do I begin Meditating?

It can be quite difficult to simply stop thinking, that is why meditation is a very gradual process but offers endless benefits along the way.

To begin with, simply observe your thoughts. As soon as you begin to observe your thoughts as a bystander they begin to slow down. The key here is to observe them without attachment or judgement, as if you were a neutral bystander watching what is happening. As you repeat this exercise you can start to develop a separation between you and your thoughts. As you continue this, your thoughts and mind will become quieter making it easier to reach this meditative state. Over time it will become easier to enter these meditative states and they will become deeper.

What are the benefits to Meditating?

Studies have shown that meditation alters the brain’s grey matter, thus having the following effects (as well as many more):

Reduces stress
Helps to control anxiety
Enhances self-awareness
Lengthens attention span
May reduce age-related memory loss
Can re-program the mind against harmful behavioral patterns
Has been shown to alter the brain’s grey matter

Join us for our morning and evening meditation sessions on our yoga decks offered to you complimentary during your stay. If you are interested in learning more techniques that help with stress, depression and anxiety join us for our Yoga Retreats.

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