A journey through the elements of nature

A journey through the elements of nature

According to Greek philosopher Empedocles, matter consists of four elements namely: Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. The various forms of matter, life and the structures of the everyday world are all composed of these basic elements. The elements are as eternal as they are in constant equilibrium. F Zeen is rooted in Greek philosophy and inspired by nature. This is what influenced our journey to explore each element within an evolving F Zeen Loyalty Program.

All matter consists of 4 elements

Empedocles is most well-known for his theory that all matter consists of four elements — he called them “roots” — and named them for the Greek gods Zeus, Hera, Aidoneus and Nestis. They personified (or godified) the physical forms known as fire, earth, air and water. These elements, Empedocles declared, persist throughout recurring cycles of creation and destruction. Acting as the fundamental matter of all creation, the four elements exist us mixture within us in varying proportions.

Yi, Idor, Pir, Aer

YI (Earth): Home, what we all have in common. Earth is the foundation with which everything is built upon. Earth keeps us grounded.

IDOR (Water): The essence on which all life depends upon. Water nourishes & nurtures our existence.

PIR (Fire): The transformative power of inner emotions. Fire represents our energy and its power to transform.

AER (Air): Breath in harmony with all beings. Air is the most essential vessel for life, how we breathe influences how we feel.

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