Kefalonia Day Trip Ideas

Kefalonia Day Trip Ideas

Immerse yourself in the colours, landscapes, flavours and stories of Kefalonia

Kefalonia is one of the most naturally beautiful Ionian islands. Famous for its untouched beauty and dramatic scenery. If you would like to explore the island during your stay at F Zeen we have put together a guide below with a few local tips to help you make the most of your holiday.

If you prefer the option of a private driver for island trips, this can be arranged by F Zeen concierge, who are always available to cater to your every need.

Day 1 – Myrtos, Assos and Fiskardo

Wake up and follow road to the northern part of the island, famed for its picturesque and quaint beauty. Myrtos beach, the beautiful village of Assos and the harbour village of Fiskardo. They are all relatively close together and easily combined into a day trip.

Swim and viewing of Myrtos beach 

On the way to the north make your first stop for a swim at Myrtos beach. Myrtos has been listed as one of the 30 best beaches in the world. Myrtos is not only the symbol of Kefalonia, but it’s also one of the most famous beaches throughout Greece.

On your way back from Myrtos, stop at one of the viewing points before going up and take some photos as the views are breathtaking.

Explore Assos village and castle

Continue to the small traditional village of Assos. Assos and Firskardo are two remaining examples of Kefalonia’s original architecture with its Venetian influence.

Take the footpath and climb up to Assos Castle and explore the old walls, dramatic rocks and wild nature. It’s a fabulous route where you can enjoy stunning views of the castle and village as well as a stunning sunset.

Delve into the architecture and charm of Fiskardo village

Moving further north visit the small village of Fiskardo. Fisakrdo is a small fishing village which is recognized as a traditional preservable settlement as it is one of the few villages that remained untouched from the major earthquake of 1953. Today it is known for its cosmopolitan and warm atmosphere. The main coastal road hosts plenty of shops, restaurants and bars. The traditional and Venetian houses with pretty colors embrace the natural bay offering the village a unique charm while reflecting the rich heritage of Kefalonia.

Day 2 – Drogarati, Melissaniand Antisamos

Uncover the remarkable history at the Drogarati cave

Familiarise yourselves with the Sami region by starting your day in the underground magical world of the Drogarati Cave, discovered 300 years ago and opened to the public in 1963. It was uncovered when a strong earthquake caused a collapse that revealed the cave’s entrance. Drogarati is an impressive cave with remarkable formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Speleologists say that this cave is about 150 million years old and constitutes a rare geological phenomenon.

Visit the remarkable geographic marvel of the Melissani Lake

After your visit to the cave head off to the stunning Melissani Lake for a short boat tour. The underground lake of Melissani is one of the most enchanting and well known attractions of Kefalonia as well as being a site of great historical interest. Located at Karavomilo, very near Sami, it was rediscovered in 1951. A large section of the cave roof has collapsed, allowing sunlight to filter through the overhead vegetation and giving the water an incredible colour. Today, visitors can take a guided tour of Melissani lake in small rowing boats and enjoy the magical spectacle of its stalactites and sunlit turquoise waters.

Immerse yourself in the tropical setting of Antisamos Beach

After the Melissani lake drive to Antisamos Beach for swimming and sunbathing. The perfect combination of blue and green Antisamos is a beach that touched Hollywood, so you are sure to be moved too. The beach was chosen for the film making of “Captain’s Corelis mandolin” movie. The landscape has distinctive natural beauty, it consists of turquoise waters and a marvelous surrounding of green hills and lush vegetation that almost grows into the sea. The water is perfectly clear and full of fish. Awarded with the blue flag, it is located a few kilometers from the port of Sami. It is well-organised with beach service.

Day 3 – Monastery & Castle, Argostoli and Mount Ainos

Visit the Monastery of St. Gerasimos, go wine tasting and drive to the top of Mount Ainos

Today is focused in the central region of Argostoli, the capital of the island. On your way to Argostoli if you want to visit the religious center of Kefalonia, stop at the Monastery of Saint Gerasimos. You can enjoy some wine tasting and a tour of the factory at the Robola Cooperative. If you want to climb the highest mountain of the Ionian islands, drive up or walk up to Mount Ainos, a protected natural park, covered with Abies Cephalonica trees, or choose a jeep safari to explore it.

Explore the Saint Georges Castle dating back to the 12th century

If you are spending a day in the area of Argostoli and you want to visit a historic landmark with great views, a great option would be to explore Saint Georges Castle the first capital of the island. This Castle was originally built in the 12th century. Today the ruins of castle and a few buildings remain. However, you can walk around the traditional village near the castle and enjoy some amazing panoramic views.

A peaceful evening stroll in Fanari and across the Debosset bridge

For a romantic or peaceful evening we recommend a trip to Fanari, close to Argostoli, providing breathtaking views. The sunset, the sea breeze and the unique architecture of the lighthouse will thrill you. On your way back stop at Katavothres a charming spot near Fanari, featuring a unique underwater phenomenon. Close your day having a walk at Debosset bridge. It is the biggest monument in Argostoli and the largest stone bridge on a sea water body. All words are needless for a breathtaking walk in the colours of the sunset, when the night falls with a panoramic view of Argostoli.

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