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Lessons from a snowflake

Lessons from a snowflake

Days grow shorter and the night grows longer. The Winter Solstice marks the beginning of a new spiritual season. It is all about moving deeper within yourself to find your own light. This is what winter requests as part of the balance of nature; the cycles and rhythms of personal growth and change.

Enjoy this fruitful silence allowing new inspirations to emerge. Pause and observe how the natural world is tuned into the seasonal cycle of the sun. During winter, nature asks us to slow down and enjoy a cup of warm tea, to be with our loved ones and to listen rather than to speak. It is time to rest and reflect, to dream and prepare ourselves for the coming season of renewal. Even winter offers a familiar warmth.

Wish upon a star

For thousands of years, the myriad stars have given dreams to billions, helped humans navigate through Earth, guided many sailors to new lands, created legends and myths that made humans feel the magic of life and guided the three wise men so for us to now celebrate Christmas.

We wish upon the stars as a forever hope. And if you believe, wishes do come true. When we look up at the night sky, we feel a sense of awe. Studies have shown that this very experience of awe can boost our wellbeing. Allow your eyes to be filled with the sparkles of the night sky.

End of year retrospection

As we look ahead to welcoming in the New Year, it is time to reflect back on self-care rituals that help to increase our happiness and health. Notice the rhythms that make you feel good and enable you to meet the world with kindness and curiosity.⁠ Reflect on the year that has been and look at the knowledge that has been gained.

Step into the New Year with grace.⁠ Ask yourself: “What am I looking forward to? “, “What makes me feel better?”

Find connection with: a song, a book, a yoga session, solitude or a feast with friends, a place or that special someone.

2023: Chapter 1 (of 365)

Embrace the full circle of life, cherishing the memories that we hold and the beautiful moments that are yet to come.⁠ We gently remind you that you are in control of the world around you. Set your intentions for a Happy New Year and create a life of balance. Let’s make a wish together to have a restful and restorative holiday and a New Year with blessings full of abundance.

“The magic in the new beginnings is truly the most powerful of them all.”

– Josiyah Martin