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Let the music transport you

Let the music transport you

Days are passing by very quickly and we will be together again soon. Every year, F Zeen curates playlists designed to help you switch to “vacation mode” as soon as you step foot into our lobby. Music is a way of escape and walks with us throughout our lives. Our most important moments and memories are accompanied by sounds. It is known that music induces and evokes emotions. This sensory gift allows you to be taken back in time to a specific moment, experience, person or place.
Hearing a song can draw out feelings as if it is happening right now. There is a powerful link between music and memory, especially during vacation.

Music can completely change our travel experience. They go together like ‘Bed & Breakfast’. The strongest of our travel memories are associated with certain songs. They complement the experience of travel since travel is the perception of impressions from all the senses. Transfer your mind and soul with a ritual set on Spotify bringing you a glimpse of the F Zeen Summer spirit in your home. Life and pleasure gleefully mingled into one precious moment: summer tranquility with unspoiled views over the Ionian Sea, holding a signature cocktail at Selini Restaurant while watching the palette of pastel color change in the sky as the sun goes down.  

The only sounds you will be hearing in the background will be the sensational vibe of our summer tunes. Let the music connect us.

You are one step closer to this. Tune in and picture yourself at F Zeen. Cheers to that thought.


RE-OPENING: 28th of April



REMINDER: Enjoy the little things in life. We love music because it makes us feel good.