Amazing Fteri beach lagoon, Kefalonia, Greece. Tourists under umbrella chill relax near clear blue emerald turquoise sea water
The unspoiled gem of the Ionian Islands


Kefalonia is the largest Ionian island in Western Greece. A diverse environment of unspoiled nature, with wild mountains, lush creating a perfect setting.

Surrounded by ancient olive groves and vast vineyards, Kefalonia integrates mountain and sea.

The verdant slopes of mount Aenos National Park add to the landscape with the dense forest of the rarest fir trees, home to many species of wildlife.

Thousands of loggerhead sea turtles, known as Caretta Caretta find shelter on the island’s south shores that form their nesting habitat.

With a rich history and biodiversity, the island offers much to discover. In Kefalonia you will find a unique landscape that unfolds against a background of green hills.

An untouched escapism unraveling from the Ionian shades of blue.



The sandy Lourdas beach found in the picturesque village of Lourdata,
home to F Zeen Retreat, has a tropical climate and combines crystal clear waters and exotic flora.
The stretched shore, offers spectacular views of Zakynthos island and Mount Aenos
in the background provides the perfect prospect.

Lourdas Beach
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