Silhouette olive tree branch in morning warm sunrise light. Sun shape above Mediterranean sea. Sun ray reflection bokeh beams on rippled water surface in early hours

The Ionian Gem

Dramatic Sceneries and Sandy Beaches

Kefalonia is the largest Ionian island in Western Greece, with an area of 302 sq. miles and population of 35,000. It is a truly unique place combining breathtaking landscapes and outstanding beaches in a lush green scenery surrounded by all shades of blue. Ancient olive trees and black fir trees stand humbly on the mountains and by the coastline. The island also boasts one of the tallest mountains in Greece with forests, tropical plants, excellent food that is high in nutrition as a result of the fertile soil. With a rich history, the island has a lot to discover which is made easy due to its notoriously hospitable culture.

Lourdas beach
Exotic Scenery

Lourdas particularly has a tropical climate and so has a wonderfully exotic flora. Mount Aenos is the only National Park situated on the island and provides the dramatic backdrop to Lourdas beach where the F Zeen Retreat is located. Kefalonia is understated, relatively undiscovered and has an element of raw magnificence.

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