Mount Ainos: Wild Nature Overlooking The Sea

Mount Ainos: Wild Nature Overlooking The Sea

When going on vacation, we want to see all we can, especially when we are visiting a nature-rich place that’s asking to be explored. Deciding on a destination is not the challenge, but narrowing down an itinerary can be.

Adding a healthy dose of nature is bound to enhance any holiday, and hiking is among the easiest to organize, as well as rewarding.

If you love walking through countryside trails and would like to explore the unique landscapes of the area surrounding picturesque Kefalonia Island, then F Zeen Retreat is the best place to start from.

F Zeen Retreat embraces guests’ adventurous side and exhibits the beautiful landscape that Kefalonia Island has to offer. There is an endless list of activities to choose from that will allow you to see the island from a different perspective. Private guided hiking to mountain Ainos (or Mt. Aenos) is one of them which allows you to discover the area and the hidden-gems that Greek fauna and flora has to offer.  It is a place where you can inhale the scent of nature, revitalize and fill your lungs with fresh air.

Fzeen mountain Ainos Hike sea view
Fzeen mountain Ainos Hike gravel road

Mount Ainos is known as Monte Nero (“Black Mountain”) due to its thick forestation of the dark Kefalonian Fir trees (“Abies Cephalonica”) which are one of the rarest fir trees in Europe and the only fir tree forest on a Greek Island. It is the tallest mountain of the Ionian Islands with an elevation of 5,341 ft (1,628 m.) and it was first declared as a National Park in 1962.

Our nutritious, Mediterranean breakfast will start the day off right, with a selection of traditional and homemade products using organic and local ingredients, providing you with all the energy needed for your hike.

There is no better way to see everything, than to climb to the highest point and see the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding area. The views from summits are unlike anywhere else, and will leave you with a greater appreciation for the beauty around you. On clear days, they include Peloponnese coastline as well as the islands of Zakynthos, Lefkada, and Ithaca.

Our poolside Selini Restaurant is also the ideal oasis in which to enjoy a delicious dinner after a long day’s hike or you can experience a relaxing Minoan massage in one of our Spas.

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous” – Aristotle