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Sustainability: a Mindset, not a Trend

Sustainability: a Mindset, not a Trend

Sustainability is a word that we often hear and use, especially concerning the environment and its future. While the use of the word has increased in frequency, sustainability is considered more as a current consumer demand than a necessity. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an awareness towards maintaining a sustainable environment and has led to an adoption of sustainable practices. Nowadays, the environment is always the defining issue and green initiatives are something that will benefit not only the future but also our health and lifestyle.

Quality and authenticity are what we embody in our hospitality and food. At F Zeen, leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is our priority. Sustainable food choices that balance nutrition and environmental accountability is at the forefront of our operations.

Our head chef is picking tomatoes from our garden

In perfect alignment with the natural environment, F Zeen’s approach is to make sure the buildings were integrated into the natural surroundings as much as possible, and it worked. Set into the cliff and with views over Lourdas Beach of Kefalonia, the retreat feels part of the landscape.

The on-site organic garden ensures produce are fertilizer & pesticide free and serves as our contribution to the local ecosystem. In both of our restaurants, ‘Gaia’ (Ancient Greek for Earth) and ‘Selini’ (Ancient Greek for Moon), we use a lot of our homegrown vegetables, herbs, fruits and carefully selected produce found nearby and we have included vegan and vegetarian dishes in our menus.

Dedicated to reducing food waste, we make sure that we use every bit of raw materials. Sustainability is tightly woven into every aspect of the retreat.

Drone photo of Fzeen Raw Section  and Selini Restaurant

Acknowledging the importance of environment and its protection, we have established a plastic-free policy. All the paper we use, even our printed collaterals, bears FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. In our quest to ensure a sustainable and eco-friendly practice, many of our interior design materials were sourced from the land itself. Our aim is to bring people closer to nature with a luxurious and eco-conscious way.  Intertwining the interior and the exterior, to create a genuine connection with the interior environment and, at the same time, a unique architectural design and luxurious comfort, nature has become part of an integrated environment.

While you experience nature in all its magnificent forms, you can use it to inspire and integrate it into your lifestyle. Treating sustainability as a trend is just as dangerous as mass consumerism. Sustainability means adapting and thinking of our planet as our home. It is a mindset.

‘Everything in excess is opposed to nature’.

– Hippocrates

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