Slow living at F Zeen Retreat
Embracing the art of slow living.

Embracing the art of slow living.

The simple things are also the most extraordinary things and only the wise can see them.

-Paulo Coelho

Slow living is all about taking things slow and enjoying life’s simple pleasures, to live a happier life. It is a lifestyle ideal centred around appreciating the actual moment because only this moment actually exists. It is the little things that make our lives meaningful and slow life is based on three main principles: mindfulness, simplicity and gratitude.

Modern world is fast-paced, operating with ticking things off from long to-do lists. We are always in a constant state of doing something and it is basically our environments causing this. Slow living comes acting as a countermeasure to our fast-moving world. It allows us to slow down, to be present in the moment. Slowing down is all about finding the proper balance between body, mind and spirit.

Simple ways to begin and achieve slow living:

1. Unplug

Allow the mind’s thoughts to drift away. Be fully present and appreciate every aspect of the world surrounding. Slow living is all about disconnecting from the world and reconnecting with yourself, unplug from distractions and tun to your inner thoughts and emotions.

2. Learn how to be present

Be here now. Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present. When you think about being present in the moment you put yourself in complete control of your experience. The moment as it is right now, is the only moment you can control. Past is gone and future is uncertain but the present moment is what we truly have.

3. Spend time with yourself

While it is not always easy to step back from your commitments, it is still important to spend some time with yourself. Alone time is healthy for the soul. It helps you develop a better understanding of who you are. This is because the time you spend in solitude allows you to self-reflect on the important matters of life. Self-understanding is crucial and gives you sense of direction.

4. Reconnect with nature

Take the time to go outside, observe nature and take a deep breath of fresh air. Feel the air coming into your body, getting the stress out. Exercise outdoors when able or find joyful outdoor activities such as long walks, hiking, swimming, etc. Nature is here to teach us so many small wonders.

5. Live a good life

One of the best ways to achieve slow living is to notice the simpler things. Pause in your day to admire the small wonders. Noticing what is beautiful reminds you to slow down. Appreciating the small joys encourage you to take some time to reflect. Focus on the senses and tune into them. Connect with your five senses and introduce yourself to the art of living well (eudaimonia), the ultimate goal according to Socrates.

“Learn to slow down. Get lost intentionally.”

– Tim Ferriss

With love from F Zeen.